Baked People

Zoe’s dream:

I dreamed that everyone was baked and they wanted to make me baked too. There was a big pot but it was covered with sticks so that you couldn’t see it but when you stepped on it you fell in. And then they would bake you and put buttons in your eyes. And when you came out of the pot you would take one last gasping breath and everyone would run away and then you would be one of the baked people.

Wild monkeys and people

On our drive home, we pass some apartments:
Zoe:I wonder who lives there. It is probably monkeys and people. And animals.
JJ:Monkeys? Where?!?
Zoe:WILD monkeys and people.
JJ:Wild monkeys? I knew that.
Zoe:And wild people too. You didn’t know THAT.

The pink bat and the dragon

During dinner tonight…

Zoe: So daddy I am going to tell you a story. I’m telling it to you too mommy.

Once a time there was a pink bat that was flying along. And there was a dragon. And he ATE him!

Mommy: The bat ate the dragon?

Zoe: Yes. Eat your dinner

Daddy(trying not to laugh ): And then what?

Zoe:Well then he found another dragon and he RODE him. Right behind the head where he was safe. And then they went for a walk and talked of this and that.

Mommy: This and that?

Zoe: Yes . They talked about pizza and bread and like that.

Saving dinosaurs

JJ: and there was a green wheel on the playground…
Zoe (interrupting): yeah! And the dinosaurs were eating ALL the whales. And then the river stopped them. Then they all fell in a mudpit. The dinosaurs were stuck but then a strange girl came along and SAVED them! And it was me, Zoe!
JJ: Are you going to let me talk?
Zoe: yes. (continuing to talk) …and the dinosaurs ate ALL the whales…

Dancing alligators

JJ: Look out for the alligator! If you look at it to long it will snap off your leg!
Zoe: Well, I am going to dance with the alligators. All the alligators will dance with me. Mama, can alligators dance?
Mommy: I’m not sure. I’ve never seen one dance but I haven’t seen that many alligators.
Zoe: Most alligators can dance.
JJ: Yeah, but YOU can’t dance with them because when they stopped they’d be starving and EAT you !
Zoe: No they wouldn’t because I’d bring them a snack.
Mommy: A snack?
Zoe: Yeah. A cheese and apples snack. That’s healthy.


Zoe: Look mommy! A river (pointing at a drainage ditch)
Mommy: Sort of.
Zoe: Can we go swimming in it?
Mommy: Well, that’s not really…
Zoe: It had fish in it. And snakes. And wions.
Mommy: Lions?!
Zoe: Yes. Wions. We should stay away – they’re dangerous.

Leave the area

Me to JJ who has forgotten to clear his plates from the table:

John, what do we do after we finish eating?

Zoe, interrupting from the next room:

Leave the area!