Saving dinosaurs

JJ: and there was a green wheel on the playground…
Zoe (interrupting): yeah! And the dinosaurs were eating ALL the whales. And then the river stopped them. Then they all fell in a mudpit. The dinosaurs were stuck but then a strange girl came along and SAVED them! And it was me, Zoe!
JJ: Are you going to let me talk?
Zoe: yes. (continuing to talk) …and the dinosaurs ate ALL the whales…

Dancing alligators

JJ: Look out for the alligator! If you look at it to long it will snap off your leg!
Zoe: Well, I am going to dance with the alligators. All the alligators will dance with me. Mama, can alligators dance?
Mommy: I’m not sure. I’ve never seen one dance but I haven’t seen that many alligators.
Zoe: Most alligators can dance.
JJ: Yeah, but YOU can’t dance with them because when they stopped they’d be starving and EAT you !
Zoe: No they wouldn’t because I’d bring them a snack.
Mommy: A snack?
Zoe: Yeah. A cheese and apples snack. That’s healthy.

When I grow up

When asked what they want to be when they grow up.

I’m going to be a bird rescue helicopter pilot!


I’m going to be a bird. A pink bird. And I’m going to squeak.


Dr. Zoe

Overheard as the kids were playing outside

JJ: Can you hand me the truck?

Zoe: Sure here you go.

JJ: Thanks Zoe !

Zoe, correcting: Thanks DOCTOR Zoe.

JJ unfazed: Oh ok thanks Dr. Zoe


Venomous snakes

Uncle Charles to JJ:

Do venomous snakes have round heads?

JJ :

No! They have two right angles and you keep your gun pointed at them. Good snakes will go away.