The Dark Lemur and the Royal Ball

William: I am the Dark Lemur, the royal pet!

Zoe: Great, we are ready for the Royal Ball.  I will have the servants gather the mangleroons.

Me: Do you mean “macaroons”?

Zoe: No, mangle-roons! They grow on bushes.

Me: Should I worry about them biting?

Zoe: Oh, no they’re perfectly safe. They only bite when you try to pick them and they’re not ripe.

William: Except for Dark Lemurs!  Those are dangerous even to mangleroons! But mostly they just eat gazelle and reindeer meat.

Zoe: Exactly. There are only seven living dark lemurs because they are quite tasty.

William: Yeah! And they’re nice only if you pet them. If you don’t pet them, they throw bolts on you. They’re black pepper bolts. And they turn you into their servants.

Me: Well, alright then.

Dragons love chicken

William: dragon ! Dragon!
Me: what? Does it want to eat us?
William: no!
Me: Does it want your melts?
William: no!
Me: what does it want?
William: Chicken!
Me: uh well where is it ?
William: kitchen
Me: so… Should we stay here?
William: Dah! Bankie.
Me: we should stay here and hide under your blanket?
William: Dah!