The Soul Eater

Zoe’s dream:

There was once a king who had a daughter. He charged the daughter to give water to all the people in the world, but only humans. One day the daughter came across a poor old dragon who was terribly thirsty. She was a good person and felt sorry for the dragon, so she poured some of her water into the dragon’s mouth. Her father saw her and was very angry. He nailed her to a wall in the castle as punishment.  While she was nailed to the wall, evil entered her. The evil taught her spells and made her know that if she could eat ten souls, she could rule the world. She escaped the castle and went to a school where she touched ten naughty children, stealing their souls, and eating them. Then she cast a spell of sleeping over the whole world and left to go back to the castle to control the king. When she left, one little boy kept wiggling and wiggling, until he woke up. Then he touched the other children and woke them up one by one.  When they woke up, their souls came back to them and the spell was broken. The evil no longer controlled the daughter and fled to Mars because it thought people lived there. But it was wrong and burned up on the empty planet. The end.

The Memory Takers, Part One

A rough transcript:

A wicked step daughter tries to steal memories from John and Zoe’s eyes.  She wants the memories because she takes them to her grandfather to make sweaters (memory sweaters). You use memory sweaters to make evil servants (you just add a little dark magic and voila!)

Zoe and John ran and ran, then the black rain came. They ran through a thick forest, but found they were running on thin air fell in the ocean. Their mother came to them, even though they tried to warn her away because the memory takers were coming.  They were all hidden from the grandfather, but were still in great danger. To be continued…


The Dark Lemur and the Royal Ball

William: I am the Dark Lemur, the royal pet!

Zoe: Great, we are ready for the Royal Ball.  I will have the servants gather the mangleroons.

Me: Do you mean “macaroons”?

Zoe: No, mangle-roons! They grow on bushes.

Me: Should I worry about them biting?

Zoe: Oh, no they’re perfectly safe. They only bite when you try to pick them and they’re not ripe.

William: Except for Dark Lemurs!  Those are dangerous even to mangleroons! But mostly they just eat gazelle and reindeer meat.

Zoe: Exactly. There are only seven living dark lemurs because they are quite tasty.

William: Yeah! And they’re nice only if you pet them. If you don’t pet them, they throw bolts on you. They’re black pepper bolts. And they turn you into their servants.

Me: Well, alright then.

Look out for those Cloud Men


Zoe, explaining her picture:

Daddy had warned us about the Cloud Men, but we went to play on the hill anyway. Then the Cloud Men came down and snatched us up and put us on a tiny island cloud but we kept falling through and they kept putting us back up. But the silly Cloud Men didn’t realize we were too heavy. So we went back to the hill and picked flowers for our mommy and went home and never went back to the hill again. The End.

Oh yeah, and when the cloud men cry they have blue eyes that’s when it rains. And when they have black things in their eyes they’re angry and that’s when the thunder comes. They get angry because the lightening men come and take their fish. And there’s one other thing about the Cloud Men – they always start out young and they are invisible and they are white.

Baked People

Zoe’s dream:

I dreamed that everyone was baked and they wanted to make me baked too. There was a big pot but it was covered with sticks so that you couldn’t see it but when you stepped on it you fell in. And then they would bake you and put buttons in your eyes. And when you came out of the pot you would take one last gasping breath and everyone would run away and then you would be one of the baked people.


On overhearing that a friend’s house had been flooded and asking what had happened:
Me: Well, she had a leak in…
Zoe, interrupting: Maybe a giant came and took a giant watering can and opened her roof and poured water into her house while she was sleeping!
Me: Wow! That’s a great story!
Zoe: Mommy it’s NOT a story! It’s a LEGEND!

Two stories

Two new stories from Zoe:


The man needs to be saved by the good snake. And then the bad snake stops the good snake. But the good snake wins. End of the story.

2014-06-24 08.03.23

Ok, well the snail’s trying to get to his palace, over here. And then the bad, wicked witch tries to stop it. But the good wicked good witch does good things to help him get to his palace. The end of the story.

2014-06-24 08.03.31


Good bomb

Zoe explaining her picture:
So, there’s this bad snowman and he is fighting the princess and she’s winning! But he’s still bad until a good bomb hits him and makes him into a good and glorious big snow man and they get married and live happily ever after.


An illustrated tale of warning

Zoe explaining her drawing:
So some good colors got mixed up with some bad colors and the bad colors got the good colors dead. Then the bad colors had to go to jail and some new colors came along. Then there was a battle with all this red and the good colors won!


Watch out for those teeth

Mommy this is a story about you! First there was a big yellow tornado that blew everything away except the people. Then you went to look for treasure on this map but there was a big bad Bat-wah. But you killed it but then it’s teeth could still bite you so you ran away and found the treasure. Then pirates came! But they were too late because you already had the treasure. And they were mad. The end