Watch out for those teeth

Mommy this is a story about you! First there was a big yellow tornado that blew everything away except the people. Then you went to look for treasure on this map but there was a big bad Bat-wah. But you killed it but then it’s teeth could still bite you so you ran away and found the treasure. Then pirates came! But they were too late because you already had the treasure. And they were mad. The end

Sith dragon

So once upon a time there was a bad man named Sith and he died and went to hell. And he turned into a dragon and escaped by flying away. Then he made a nest in the high mountain and looked down and watched everyone. One say he saw a baby dragon and he picked him up and fed it and snuggled it and was good. The end.

Lemur terror birds

Lemur terror birds are highly dangerous meat eaters. They can run very fast and are covered in due. The lemur terror bird can’t fly but it is very smart and sneaky.

In space there are no pants

JJ; Mommy Daddy I am pretending the van is a space ship!
Daddy: Cool – what do we need to bring with us that we can’t get in space?
JJ: Helmets!
Daddy: Yes – how about something we can’t live without?
JJ: Oxygen!
Zoe: Pants!