The Soul Eater

Zoe’s dream:

There was once a king who had a daughter. He charged the daughter to give water to all the people in the world, but only humans. One day the daughter came across a poor old dragon who was terribly thirsty. She was a good person and felt sorry for the dragon, so she poured some of her water into the dragon’s mouth. Her father saw her and was very angry. He nailed her to a wall in the castle as punishment.  While she was nailed to the wall, evil entered her. The evil taught her spells and made her know that if she could eat ten souls, she could rule the world. She escaped the castle and went to a school where she touched ten naughty children, stealing their souls, and eating them. Then she cast a spell of sleeping over the whole world and left to go back to the castle to control the king. When she left, one little boy kept wiggling and wiggling, until he woke up. Then he touched the other children and woke them up one by one.  When they woke up, their souls came back to them and the spell was broken. The evil no longer controlled the daughter and fled to Mars because it thought people lived there. But it was wrong and burned up on the empty planet. The end.