A very useful plane

Zoe: Mommy, this is a picture of a plane I drew for you.

Me:Wow that’s really… Unique

Zoe: Yes! It has useful arms that can grab things like the ocean floor, or the landing pads, or a blanket if you need one, or even to get kids out of the house in an emergency.

Me: what’s all that on the bottom?

Zoe: oh that’s the landing pad – it’s covered in strings that it can grab onto with its fingers. But if it doesn’t have those strings like on the bottom of the sea it can just put out it’s extendo arms instead.

Hyena Squid are SO big

William: Mommy! Look out – there’s a hyena squid after us!

Me: Whoa! What’s it look like?

William: It’s a little purple.

Me: Is it little?

William: No!  It’s SO big.  And I dug a pit so we can capture it with this! (gesturing to the vacuum cleaner)

Me: Whew! Well, I’m glad we’ve got a plan.