Cookies rule

Zoe’s story:

Once upon a time there was a King and a Queen and a Princess (that’s me mommy) and a Knight and a Dragon and they all lived happily in the castle and rode dragons and went on picnics and played every day. But there was ONE place that no one DARED to go – the black evil smoking lands of the (dramatic pause) OGRE! ┬áHe was a mean awful horrible, um, DRAGON OGRE and he burned up everyone who came near him. And he ate nothing but rocks and LAVA BEANS. And no one would go there, not even the princess who was very brave and beautiful. Then one day the mommy queen went to the ogre and wanted to be friends but he said “If you are coming here to be eaten up then I will breathe fire on you!” and the mommy queen said “Would you like these lovely cookies I baked? Maybe they would taste better than rocks and lava beans.” And the ogre said he only liked rocks and lava beans so the Mommy Queen went home and baked a WHOLE batch of rock and lava bean cookies with ┬áspecial gloves so she wouldn’t get burned and brought them to the ogre who ate them up. And from that day forth the royal family could go into the forbidden lands whenever they wanted and ogre was their FRIEND and then he started liking chocolate chip cookies and cakes and stopped eating rocks and lava beans and was nice. THE END.