Very Clever…

William (pretending to be a monster and running around with his bathrobe on, chasing after Zoe and John): Arrrrrr!

Zoe (hiding in the kitchen with a large magnifying glass):   I’m the clever one because I have a magnifying glass!

John (grabbing a folded up map): No! The clever one has a book!

Zoe: Master, I see that the monster is coming to eat us!

John (unfolding the map to look it): Very well….

(Meanwhile, William forgets he’s a monster and wanders off to play with blocks)


On overhearing that a friend’s house had been flooded and asking what had happened:
Me: Well, she had a leak in…
Zoe, interrupting: Maybe a giant came and took a giant watering can and opened her roof and poured water into her house while she was sleeping!
Me: Wow! That’s a great story!
Zoe: Mommy it’s NOT a story! It’s a LEGEND!