Watch out for those teeth

Mommy this is a story about you! First there was a big yellow tornado that blew everything away except the people. Then you went to look for treasure on this map but there was a big bad Bat-wah. But you killed it but then it’s teeth could still bite you so you ran away and found the treasure. Then pirates came! But they were too late because you already had the treasure. And they were mad. The end

Bird song

hey there little bird
You can fly so high and free
I can’t fly pretty bird
You are so pretty little bird
I like to watch you fly and sing
La la la dumdee dum
And most of all Winnie the Pooh.

You forgot your armor

Zoe: Mommy, this is a picture of you and I fighting monsters.
Mommy: Did we win?
Zoe: I won but you got eaten. Because you weren’t listening when I told you to put on your armor because you were playing with toys. But I saved you and grabbed you and carried you home and locked the door!”
Mommy: Whew – well at least I got out of that ok.
Zoe: Yeah but you should’ve put your armor on .