That’s what firemen do

Playing dragon and fireman with JJ (dragon) and Zoe (fireman):
Mommy: “Oh no! Here comes the dragon again to burn down our house! What will we do?”
Zoe:”We will shoot bees at it and it will go away!”(makes sound of shooting bees)
JJ: “rawr!” (Runs away)
Zoe: ” They will chase him for a long time.”
Mommy: ” Wow that’s great! I would never have thought of using bees.”
Zoe: “That’s what firemen do. (Pause) That’s what THIS fireman does.”

Lemur terror birds

Lemur terror birds are highly dangerous meat eaters. They can run very fast and are covered in due. The lemur terror bird can’t fly but it is very smart and sneaky.

South American Prisons

Zoe: So this one time when I was in South America, I was in prison. I was there because I was throwing toys at houses.
Mommy: Was it scary?
Zoe: Yes! Because there were three bears in there. They were bad bears. They threw toys at their OWN house!
Mommy: Oh my! So what did you do?
Zoe I was sorry for throwing toys so mommy and daddy came and got me.
Mommy: What about the bears?
Zoe: They’re still there. They’re bad bears.

Move over Stephen King

Sarko Tony didn’t like the world. So he ran away with a good stranger.

Sarko Tony didn’t like the stranger cuz he was mean, so he killed her and cooked her and gave her to another nice stranger to eat.

Sarko Tony didn’t like the stranger so he ran far away.

Sarko Tony will not be here at the end of time. He will come and play then when the end of time comes he will leave.