Mighty pink sword

Zoe: “Can we go in there (gesturing to a decorative pond)?”
Mommy: “No sweetie. It’s too cold and deep for us.”
Zoe: “And there are monsters at the bottom!”
Mommy: “Monsters?!”
Zoe: “Yes, and they will try to bite us and I will fight them with my pink glowing sword! And you will fight them with your black sword with pink eyes! And we will say ‘Go away monsters’ and we will kill it. And then another one will come and we will kill it.”
Mommy: “Whew! I hope we have a break after two monsters in a row.”
Zoe: “And then another comes! And I fights it! And that’s all just three.”
Mommy: “So we fought them together?”
Zoe: “Yes. You can fight monsters with me when you don’t grow up. When you growed up you are a parent and then you can’t fight them. But I can.”
Mommy: “So if I don’t grow up I can fight monsters with you?”
Zoe:”Yes, on Thursday.”

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