Rescue Giraffes

Zoe and Daddy talking about what to do when you get lost and who you ask for help. Having just covered that a policeman is a good source of help, Zoe started this story:

Zoe: I got lost one time.

Daddy: You did?

Zoe: Yeah, when I was out with my Dad.

Daddy: What did you do?

Zoe: I asked a adult for help.

Daddy: And then what happened.

Zoe: And the lady adult didn’t help me

Daddy: She didn’t help you? What did you do?

Zoe: So then I asked a policeman for help. And the policeman didn’t help me.

Daddy: The policeman didn’t help you?!?! Oh no! What did you do?

Zoe: Just then a giraffe came and picked me up and let me get on his back. And he gave me a ride to my mom and dad.


Walk on the street

Zoe: Mommy I wish we could walk on the street.
Mommy: Oh?
Zoe: Yes. Then we could walk home together and I could scoop up the leaves.
Mommy: What would you do with the leaves?
Zoe: I would smell them.
Mommy: What would the leaves smell like?
Zoe: Pink flowers!
Mommy: What else would you do in the street?
Zoe: I would spin and spin. Then I would jump in the leaves and hop and wiggle. Because I’m a wiggle worm.
Mommy: Yes, yes you are.


Were there monkeys?

Zoe: I had a terrible day.
Mommy: Oh no! What made it terrible? Were there monkeys?
Zoe: Yeah!
Mommy: What did the terrible monkeys do?
Zoe: They hugged me and kissed me!
Mommy: Oh dear that sounds truly awful! And then what?
Zoe: Then they jumped all around and bit the floor. And I fell into the floor. And you came to get me but you fell in too and we were stuck.
Mommy: Stuck?
Zoe: Yes we were stuck. And then we were in the sky. And then we got out and went home.
Mommy: What a relief – then what happened?
Zoe: Nothing – that’s the end of my monkey story.