A Good Crab Story

Zoe: So I’m going to tell you a story. I was in a lake when a crab grabbed me by the toe!
Daddy: Oh no!
Zoe: Yes, and then another one grabbed me! And another! And a nudder anudder anudder anudder until I was all grabbed all over!
Mommy: Yikes! You were covered in crabs!
Zoe: Yes. Because they loved me so much. But I didn’t like it so I said “go away! I’m going home!” and they all started to cry and scream. And then their mommy came.
Daddy: How big was the mommy?
Zoe: (gesturing very large shape with her hands) Veeerrrry big. And she said go on home so I did. But the crabs were still on me and they started knocking all over the house. They knocked on the walks and the floors and the chairs and the pizza and the mommy and the daddy and John and william and kimber and the cat and cups and and everything! And then the mommy crab came and got them and they went away back to their home in the sea. And went to bed.
Mommy: That was a pretty good story.
Zoe: Yes. It’s a good crab story.


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