Putty cander

Zoe: Give me back my putty cander!
JJ: No!
Daddy: putty cander?
JJ: yeah the cup you put ms and snacks in. It’s a putty snacker not a putty cander.
Daddy: um you mean a snack cup?
Zoe: yeah a putty snacker – give it back John!

Marcy the pink dragon


I’m going to tell yous a story. Once upon a time there was a pink dragon named Marcy. And Marcy and her pink dragon mommy and her pink dragon Daddy all went to the zoo. And they went into the alligator pit. And the alligators went “snap snap” and the pink dragons went “agh! agh” The end.


Conversation in the car yesterday morning:
Zoe: Mommy, I’m fishing in the car. With my cobra snake.
Mommy: Ok then…
Zoe: I got one!! I got a salmon fish!
Mommy: Great! I love salmon.
Zoe: Here you go Mommy. I’m putting it in the freezer for tomorrow for you.
(pause) I’ve got another one!

Mommy: What’s this one?
Zoe: A shark!
Mommy: Whoa! What bait did you use?
Zoe: Tarantulas and a fork.
I got another one it’s sooo heavy!
I got it!
Its a tuna – it’s so so heavy because they’re at the bottom of the sea.
Do you want me to catch you a city?

Mommy: A CITY?
Zoe: They’re at the bottom of the sea.
Here’s one it’s sooooooo heavy!
And here’s another one!
And I got another one but I can’t lift it!
I’m done fishing now.

Different kind of energy

JJ: Mommy, I have too much energy, I need to go to the park!
Mommy: Well, if you have too much energy, you can go run it off in the backyard.
JJ: <pause> Well, it’s not backyard energy – it’s PARK energy. So I don’t think that will work.