On seeing a man talking on a cellphone outside of work:
Zoe: Who is that man?
Mommy: I don’t know
Zoe Can I ask him his name?
Mommy, continuing to drive: Um… Not right now. If we see him again and he’s not on the phone we can…
Zoe, interrupting: He’s probably having a ‘steerium.
Mommy: A ‘steerium?!
Zoe: Yeah. That means hands that clap and feet that stomp. I clap my hands and stomp my feet.
Mommy: So… A ‘steerium is clapping hands and stomping feet?
Zoe: Yes.
Monmy: Do you have a ‘steerium at school?
Zoe, aghast: No!
Mommy: Well, where did you have a ‘steerium?
Zoe: In the grass. Somedays.


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