Two tales

JJ: So mommy, the alien used his magic antenna to drop you in a misty hole that is full of dust that makes you cough (makes coughing sound to illustrate). But if you cough the MONSTER will come out of his castle and get you so you have to wear a paper mask to keep you from coughing.
Mommy: Wow that sounds scary!
JJ: Yeah, it is! Because then the dragon comes and swoops down and gets the monster put of his castle and drops him in a deep dark hole and his skin splits open and he DIES. And then the alien dies too. And then there was a witch who tried to turn the t-Rex dinosaur into a…a…
Zoe trying to help:A snake?
JJ: No! A..a…well it doesn’t really matter because she couldn’t do it and she died!
Mommy:There’s an awful lot of dying in this story.
JJ, exasperated:No mommy – this is a DIFFERENT story.
Mommy still confused:About a dinosaur and an alien?
JJ:No! A witch and a dinosaur. So then the trex runs really really fast – for 20 hours – then he stops and he sees a dead triceratops and he takes a bite but he doesn’t taste good so he spits it back out again. Because it was just a model. The triceratops I mean. And Zoe was inside because she was playing costumes.
Zoe:Yeah! And I was a horse!
JJ:Not in this story – you are a triceratops . With a bite.
Zoe:Oh, alright then.


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