The Soul Eater

Zoe’s dream:

There was once a king who had a daughter. He charged the daughter to give water to all the people in the world, but only humans. One day the daughter came across a poor old dragon who was terribly thirsty. She was a good person and felt sorry for the dragon, so she poured some of her water into the dragon’s mouth. Her father saw her and was very angry. He nailed her to a wall in the castle as punishment.  While she was nailed to the wall, evil entered her. The evil taught her spells and made her know that if she could eat ten souls, she could rule the world. She escaped the castle and went to a school where she touched ten naughty children, stealing their souls, and eating them. Then she cast a spell of sleeping over the whole world and left to go back to the castle to control the king. When she left, one little boy kept wiggling and wiggling, until he woke up. Then he touched the other children and woke them up one by one.  When they woke up, their souls came back to them and the spell was broken. The evil no longer controlled the daughter and fled to Mars because it thought people lived there. But it was wrong and burned up on the empty planet. The end.

The Memory Takers, Part One

A rough transcript:

A wicked step daughter tries to steal memories from John and Zoe’s eyes.  She wants the memories because she takes them to her grandfather to make sweaters (memory sweaters). You use memory sweaters to make evil servants (you just add a little dark magic and voila!)

Zoe and John ran and ran, then the black rain came. They ran through a thick forest, but found they were running on thin air fell in the ocean. Their mother came to them, even though they tried to warn her away because the memory takers were coming.  They were all hidden from the grandfather, but were still in great danger. To be continued…


The Dark Lemur and the Royal Ball

William: I am the Dark Lemur, the royal pet!

Zoe: Great, we are ready for the Royal Ball.  I will have the servants gather the mangleroons.

Me: Do you mean “macaroons”?

Zoe: No, mangle-roons! They grow on bushes.

Me: Should I worry about them biting?

Zoe: Oh, no they’re perfectly safe. They only bite when you try to pick them and they’re not ripe.

William: Except for Dark Lemurs!  Those are dangerous even to mangleroons! But mostly they just eat gazelle and reindeer meat.

Zoe: Exactly. There are only seven living dark lemurs because they are quite tasty.

William: Yeah! And they’re nice only if you pet them. If you don’t pet them, they throw bolts on you. They’re black pepper bolts. And they turn you into their servants.

Me: Well, alright then.

A roar

Ongoing story in the car:

William: you hear a roar from the valley of the fairies!

John: it’s me the golden dragon! Roar!

Zoe: I use fire steel to break the cuffs and escape!

No one can explain to me what is actually going on but they’re having a great time ….

So that’s why they call them “belly buttons”

William: A bear stole my belly button!!

Me: What?

Zoe: Here’s what happened – Wiiliam and I were walking in the woods and a squirrel ran up to me and snatched my belly button and ATE it! Then, a bear came who was putting in a sweater to go hunting. He was missing a button and saw William and stole his belly button to see on his sweater.

Me: That is a great story!

Zoe: Mommy! It is NOT a story – it’s true!

Parenting Story: Birthdays and Choices

We love a good birthday party!  Who doesn’t? And we have been to a lot of really amazing parties – bounce houses, the zoo, gymnastics schools, museums – the list goes on. So, as a new parent, I began to wonder whether I should be doing something similar for my kids. Certainly, the kids thought so, as they kept asking whether they could have a party next year at such and such a venue. As I sat down and did the math – it just wasn’t going to work for us.  I could do the party, but then I wouldn’t be able to get much in the way of presents and vice versa.

Our solution to this was to essentially remove ourselves from the equation and let the kids decide.  I’ve got a budget for their birthdays and we give them a choice:

  1. No birthday party, all money goes towards presents and food.
  2. Small birthday party at home with a few friends, less presents (to buy the supplies for the birthday party plus gifts for the guests)
  3. Large birthday party at a venue (bounce house place or similar) and no presents.

I like it because it puts the kids in charge of how their birthday budget gets spent and takes the pressure off of me worrying whether I made the “right” decision about how they should celebrate.

Well, Now That’s Not Creepy at All…

Zoe: Mommy, I want you to come into the bedroom with me while I get dressed.

Me: Zo, you don’t need me to come in there. What do you think is going to happen if you go in by yourself?

Zoe: Sometimes, when I’m walking by myself in the house, I think that hands are going to come out of the walls and grab me and drag me away to a witch who wants to keep me for herself.

Me: Um, ok, I’ll come in there with you.

Look out for those Cloud Men


Zoe, explaining her picture:

Daddy had warned us about the Cloud Men, but we went to play on the hill anyway. Then the Cloud Men came down and snatched us up and put us on a tiny island cloud but we kept falling through and they kept putting us back up. But the silly Cloud Men didn’t realize we were too heavy. So we went back to the hill and picked flowers for our mommy and went home and never went back to the hill again. The End.

Oh yeah, and when the cloud men cry they have blue eyes that’s when it rains. And when they have black things in their eyes they’re angry and that’s when the thunder comes. They get angry because the lightening men come and take their fish. And there’s one other thing about the Cloud Men – they always start out young and they are invisible and they are white.

Parenting Story: Christmas Presents

Having kids at Christmas is awesome – it’s also really stressful, when it comes to getting presents.  Not picking them out so much, but trying to not get too many things and overspend. Every time I go to a website or store, everything looks so amazing and it would be super easy to just go into debt and buy the kids a bajillion things they don’t have room for anyway. Not to mention that this completely dilutes the meaning of the season.  So, to keep ourselves in check and manage the kids expectations, they get 4 gifts from us and one from Santa.  Their gifts are:

Something to Read
Something to Wear
Something you Want
And Something to Share

Share items can be a donation to a favorite charity or a play-doh set they all three use together. So far, so good!